FALL BASEBALL LEAGUE in partnership with NY Bluebirds Youth Baseball and The Baseball Center NYC

Learn the Game. Play the Game. Love the Game


Why Our Baseball Leagues?

  • Professional coaching from some of the best baseball trainers in NYC who have experience coaching at the youth level and with younger age groups from the NY Bluebirds Baseball Organization


  •  Real practice and training time each week.  Players dont just show up and play!  Repetition is key as well as learning the fundamentals of the game.  Players will improve and develop their catching, throwing and hitting abilities.  Kid pitch and kid catch for older players as well


  • Game play each week! Real game action helps players apply what they have learned into game situations.  Fast paced coach pitch games at the younger ages ensure plenty of at bats and ball in play.  Kid pitch and kid catch at the older age group helps develop young pitchers in game action. Teams get assigned coaches who get to know the players and their team!


  • A focus on development and also FUN allowing young players to find a love for the game and to continue to play for many seasons to come!