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All Work and No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy

Summer vacations are something both, parents and kids, equally, look forward to. Although holidays are always a pleasant break from monotonous everyday routine, summer vacations are a little different. While parents still have to go to work, they at least don’t have to worry about packing lunch for their kids or feel guilty later in the day in case they forgot to do so because the alarm clock stopped working one fine morning. Coming back to kids, they just love long holidays; summer vacations are probably on the top of this list. With no daily tasks to finish and no surprise tests to be sacred, they have the time of their lives. Keeping kids fruitfully engaged may seem like a task to some parents. Summer camps come to rescue! We suggest you let the kid choose the camp rather than selecting one for him/her. This will help your kids discover their passion while teaching them the art of decision making. Youth baseball camp for kids is highly advisable for all those sports enthusiasts! You just have to Google ‘top baseball camps in NY’ and voila summer vacations sorted!


Why Summer Camps?
Summer holidays are the perfect time for kids to learn new things and engage in different activities while having their fair share of fun! While leaving the kids behind with a babysitter at home is an option, it does not sound like the most efficient way to spend the vacations. Sending your kids to a summer camp is a more productive utilization of summer vacations. It provides your kid with the right kind of exposure. They get to interact with kids of their age and in the process learn to work together and resolve conflicts amicably.


Why Sports Camps?
Sports is an excellent way to teach a child basic values like mutual respect and discipline while shaping their social skills. It keeps them engaged and for good! While kids have the option of choosing from a variety of sports like basketball, baseball, badminton among others, and youth baseball camp for kids is a good choice to go with!


  • Participating in most sports usually means engaging in a lot of bodily movements. Whether it is for scoring that goal or a home run, you have to constantly be on the move. It takes care of your kid’s physical fitness and helps them become goal-oriented
  • Playing a sport improves your child’s concentration. They learn the importance of precision, accuracy, and teamwork. They also develop an attitude of adhering to the rules
  • Last but not the least, playing any sport on a regular basis is beneficial for your kid’s mental and emotional well being. It acts as an excellent stress buster


If you are looking for top baseball camps in NY, drop by at Kids Of Summer! They make sure your child has the most fun while getting coached by the best of trainers. With a beautiful facility and an excellent schedule, Kids Of Summer, offer a wonderful camp experience.

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