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Reasons Why You Should Get Your Kid Enrolled In A Basketball Camp

When the summer months approach, parents start looking for ways to make their kids use this period in the most useful manner they can. During these months, kids can take steps toward developing their social skills and learn the basics of their liked sport. Kids of Summer offers the best basketball camp in NYC where your kid will not only be trained by experienced coaches into the game but will also be treated with utmost love and care. This combination of professional attitude with home-like care is what separates Kids of Summer from any other summer camp in New York City.

And there are advantages to having your kid play basketball from a very young age. Let’s have a look at them.

Good for Your Kid’s Health

Basketball is a sport that involves a lot of movements: jumping, running, passing the ball around, dribbling with it, and shooting it into the basket. If you’re worried about your kid’s weight and laziness, you should definitely get him/her enrolled in this camp as they won’t only found a new interest in their lives but will lose their excess weight as well by playing basketball with their friends.

Works on Your Kid’s Height

While genetics play a decisive role in determining a person’s actual height, it has been observed over the years that kids who got into playing basketball from a young age of 6-14 showed better growth in terms of height. This is down to the movements that basket encompasses.

Concentration and Aim

Since the most important thing in basketball is to put the ball into your opponent’s basket, your kid will be called to work on his/her concentration and accuracy skills, which are both going to be beneficial for your kid in the future.

Respect toward Rules

Basketball, just like any other sport, has its many rules. If players do not follow them or show any kind of misdemeanor during the game, they are straightaway penalized for their mistakes. This need for following rules will instill in your kid’s mind an attitude of proper adherence.

Renders Confidence

When your kid begins to play basketball, he/she begins realizing the importance of strategies and teamwork in an activity. Plus, by following rules, sticking to a game plan, collectively working with fellow teammates to achieve a common goal, and shooting the basketball into the basket, all will serve to boost your kid’s confidence in himself/ herself.

perfect basketball camp in NYC such as the Kids of Summer, allows kids to fully express themselves without feeling out of place and unnecessarily pressurized. After all, this is what every parent wants for their kid.

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