Getting Your Kids To Practice Basketball At Home

While the best summer basketball camps in NYC remain closed this year because of the pandemic, you must be worried about your child’s fitness as well as his/her basketball skills getting rusty. After all, pushing them to practice the basics without their teammates might be a bit complicated, as they might now show that much interest. 

The solution? You got to make practice sessions interesting and competitive! 

If you want to ensure that there isn’t a training gap because of the COVID-19 situation, we are here to help. Here are some tips on how you can get your child to play basketball while ensuring that all of you remain safe and have fun at the same time: 

Don’t make it a chore

If there is one thing that kids usually hate about playing basketball, it is the endless barrage of questions that they are subjected to during the ride back home from practice. Yes, it is justified that you are concerned about their form, but don’t make take the fun out of basketball by doing this every time. 

Now that they will be at home, tune down the analysis bit, and focus on building their confidence and having fun. The positive vibes will create a conducive learning environment wherein your child will actually be drawn to play as well as return to it every day. 

Hosts contents

Challenge your kid to interesting, unique games. Who can shoot the most number of hoops with the distance between them and the hoop keeps increasing with every shot? Who can dribble longer with their non-dominant hand? Who can do more jumping jacks before a training session? The possibilities are endless here! 

Simon says, “It’s basketball time!” 

Play the classic Simon Says game with your kid to keep him/her hooked. Give them instructions that they need to follow to win. Include the siblings too! 

You can use sentences such as: Simon says, dribble as high as you can! Simon says, a fifty side to side dribbles as fast as possible! This helps them to enhance their basketball skills while also training them to have their ears perked up to listen to your instructions, thus boosting their ability to play as a good team member

Make your kid join virtual classes 

To not miss practice and to remain fit during the ‘new normal,’ enroll your kid for online basketball sessions with professionals. This will ensure that they get their drills done and have expert feedback close at hand whenever they need it. Moreover, it will prepare them for the next basketball season. Looking for youth summer basketball summer camp organizers in NYC who are also hosting online classes at the moment? Get in touch with us today.